The fall fair has come and gone and with it the 51st Nicola Valley Pro Rodeo.

I got some nice pictures of the cowboys risking their behinds but the weather wasn't too great for photography unless you had a really large aperture lens as did many of the photographers who were in attendance. There were more than last year and the main booth for v.i.p.s had been enlarged...I think this is a good sign for rodeo.

Speaking of which, it was a picture of mine- a cowboy that took first place in the 'action' category of photos as the fair.
I also got firsts for 'Boxing Marmots' in wild animals, 'Duky-Katze' for domestic animals, and 'Ferris Wheel Love' for People/open category.
My dried floral arrangement (A European theme with grain, poppies, and cornflowers) got second place which pleased me although I believe it was the only dried arrangement in the show.
My panorama got second place which was kind of disappointing. I know it's not all about winning but when I think of the work that went into it- having a tripod out on that windy hill and slowly panning across the landscape to capture around 20 pictures and then painstakingly putting them together manually on the computer- to say nothing of getting the file ready and finding a new printer to print out the image in a different city.
Contrast that to the small image of a bridge during sunset taken from near the base. Oh well. Mine probably looked too professional because of the watermark at the bottom that wasn't hidden too well. I say that as a matter of fact- I made that image for personal pleasure but to the highest standard I know I can do.

A disturbing thing at the fair is a lack of participation by the artistic community...and possibly an absence of artistic interest in certain fields altogether. There were maybe 4 pieces in the digital art category for my age group and it was no contest getting first and second for my two entries.
Likewise for the fine art- there was only my stuff and maybe one other. Nothing takes the joy out of winning a ribbon than to know you won it by default since there were no other competitors. That's really what it felt like. Last year there were far more entries- I can't believe that the price increase of 25 cents a piece made it so difficult for people to get involved. I will have to address this as a meeting of the VVA next month.

That's it for now. I will have to write about the fishing trip another time.

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