I am opening this post with a picture of my kitten, Dukat a.ka. Duky and Katzy :)

Bigger view of Katzy at DA

Yesterday I received my copy of of a Photoshop resources book and cd compilation from a Japanese publisher who I was in contact with this year. I'm quite pleased to see my Photoshop patterns (seamless tiles) look pretty good in there- although I did make the effort to provide them with a better resolution to use than what I originally posted online.

Essentially the book is a collection of really nice samples of digital resources created by the artistic community (not all of whom use Photoshop as their main tool of choice- such as myself) that can be used primarily with Photoshop; name the patterns and brushes but there are also over 200 jpg images that can be used with any software.

I am a specialist in making patterns for Photoshop and the irony is that they are made with a competing product- Corel Draw and Photopaint. Both programs have their merits. Photoshop brushes and patterns are more user friendly and apply more smoothly but the program is awkward to learn and really expensive whereas Corel software is far easier to learn and cheaper but has way more rough edges that should have been fixed A DECADE AGO.

On another subject, my hubby got commissioned to write several articles for the upcoming season in the world of shooting sports publications and I am very happy for him and us.

bigger view at DA of Flower Triptych

Bigger view of Dogwood Nursery at DA

Our garden is doing well and hopefully before fall we can still get a fruit tree for the front yard but there is so much other stuff that needs to be done I am not counting on it anymore. But if we do it will either be an ornamental cherry, apricot (iffy, I know) or a (dessert) plum. My sis and I were in Kelowna last week checking out Bylands and Dogwood Nurserys and surprisingly Dogwood had better selection but then they are slightly off the beaten path. It will probably be next year the way I'm waffling!

We watched the fireworks display on July first at the park. The volunteer people were a bit silly:

Just here :)

And finally I will close with an image of the beautiful poppies that are finally blooming after all the regular ornamentals have started to fade. My ambition is actually to grow all kinds of poppies as my main decorative flowers along with cornflowers and large daisys...a bit American in colour scheme but so what- red, white and blue make a good colour mix.

Bigger View of Papaver Somniferum at DA

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